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This page is for Mary and her hubby, their own words ;o)

Soulmates separated only by distance

Love is two people made from the same piece of life.
I've never loved anyone the way that I love you.
I've never known someone so well and still felt there
was so much left to discover, never been able to say
"I love you " and have it mean something beautifully
different everytime. I've never known someone I could
spend hours with, and still long for more time to share.
I've never felt so close to someone in so many ways,
and even though I know I'll never be able to tell you
with words just how much you mean to me...I hope that
you somehow understand that the love I feel for you
is more beautiful, more meaningful, than words could
ever say. I love you with all my heart and soul Mary.
You are my life, every beat of my heart is for you!
Forever Yours, Mark

My reply to Mark
No words that I can put on paper could explain just how
much you mean to me.. You are the shining star of my life
that brightens the darkest nights. Your heart is my shelter
and your arms are my home. Nothing can ever separate
our souls......not even concrete, chains, or locks. Just
remember my love that I am never more than a heartbeat
away from you. We have the greatest most perfect love
and not anyone or anything can ever take that away from
us. We are one soul separated only by time and distance
which only makes us stronger and bonds us together
closer each day. Together we will always live life, be happy,
be strong, love, laugh, and breathe.......
I love you with all my heart ...your soulmate,