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Why do I hide
This page was made for my friend Patti.
She did the song and poem. I hope you like, girlie;o)

Why do I hide

Why do I hide all the things inside?
I know deep down inside I have nothing to hide.
Do I find myself so ugly on the outside?
I know that there is something about me on the outside.

Can I not find a way to love myself?
I know with you I can be myself.
I know how I feel about you not myself.
I know that life will be rough all by myself.
Feeling all of this on the inside make me scream.
But with out you here I guess now the will just be a dream.

When I could find you and lay next to you my body would scream.
I find myself waking up at night and calling out your name and scream.

Why couldn't I tell you these things before you walked out of my life.
I will have to find a way to live with that for the rest of my life.
Patricia Slack