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Have you ever walked along and seen a face
that you know you've never seen before?
and yet, it brings you such a feeling
of warmth, love, and familiarity.

Have you ever stood in a crowd of people
not knowing one of them
and felt that you were in the presence
of someone very near and dear.

Have you ever looked up to a smiling face
knowing that you've never seen this face before?
And yet, that one smile found a place
so deep within you that your entire body shook
with the remembrance of it all.

Have you ever stood in a place so far away
that there was no one else around you ?
You could almost detect a sense of sheer isolation
and yet, at this place you found the comfort
of being with one so close to you.

Have you ever felt the touch of a stranger?
And yet, with that one single touch
you knew that this hand had touched you
in places no one had ever been before.

Have you ever arrived at a place
where you know you've never been?
And yet, it feels so comfortable
that you feel like you've come home
to a place you've never been before.

You walked into my life
and I felt everyone of those feelings.
Your smile was so familiar.
I saw us having walked many paths together.
Your presence filled me with such a peace.

There in the darkness, I saw the most brilliant light.
There in the quiet, I heard the most profound music.
There in the presence of a stranger , I knew.
I knew I'd come home.
To a place I'd never been before.